Contemporary art gallery ARKA (Russia, Vladivostok) Contemporary art gallery ARKA (Russia, Vladivostok)  

ARKA Contemporary Art Gallery was opened in 1995.
The Gallery’s founders Sergei Glazkov (1956 – 2021) and Vera Glazkova.

For the first three years the main aim of Gallery’s activity was to create the collection of contemporary art works. Since 1998 ARKA Gallery has an exhibition hall located in the center of Vladivostok, where exhibitions of Russian and foreign artists are held.
The Gallery presented famous Russian and regional artists at the international art fairs "Art-Moscow", "Art-Forum-Berlin", "Art-Shanghai", "Art-Miami", "Art-Paris", "DiVA Paris", “Art Viena”, “KIAF” (Seoul), "Art-Busan", the Krasnoyarsk International Museum Biennale, the Exhibition of Contemporary Russian Art "Come on" in Berlin and Vienna. There were held the exhibitions of artists from France, Germany, Republic of Korea, China, Japan, USA, Belgium in Vladivostok in the context of the Gallery cultural international cooperation.
Open to the public, ARKA Gallery has continually changing exhibitions of conceptual and installation works, realist painting and drawing, prints, sculpture, and photography by regional, national and internationally recognized artists whose work coincides with the gallery's vision.

Alongside established figures we introduce less well-known and younger artists.

The main principles of Arka gallery to a great extent follow the idea of a “certain period of time”. It is caused by the wishes to bring together artists and gallery visitors, to give an opportunity for two interacting and sometimes opposite sides to think and to understand each other. The most important aspects of gallery activity are high level of exhibitions and enlightening work.


Contemporary art gallery "ARKA"

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Contemporary art gallery ARKA (Russia, Vladivostok)