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Alexander Pyrkov




Alexander Pyrkov
Born 1946, Galyenki, Primorsky Region, Russia
Died March 28, 2014, Vladivostok.
1971 - 1976 – studied at Far-Eastern Institute of Arts, Vladivostok, Russia
Member of the creative group of artists "Vladivostok"
Member of the Russian Artists Union, since 2009, to March 2014 - Chairman of the Primorsky branch of the Russian Artists Union.

Group exhibitions:
1977 – Started to participate in city, regional, zonal and all-Union exhibitions
1983 – “Artists at Kuril Islands”, Moscow, Leningrad 
1984 - All-Union Exhibition "Blue Roads of the Motherland", Moscow.
1988 - "The Art of Primorye 1920-80 years", PSAG, Vladivostok.
1988 - Exhibition of the group "Vladivostok", PSAG, Vladivostok
1992 – “14 from Vladivostok”, Pullman, USA 
1994 - “Wind from the East”, Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art, Moscow.
1994 - "Contemporary Russian Graphics and Sculpture". Art Museum of Novosibirsk.
1995 – “Contemporary Russian Art”, Drout-Richellier auction, Paris, France 
1995 – Exhibition of the collection of Alexander Glezer, Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia 
1997 - “Contemporary Russian Art”. From the collection of Fox Janstrup and Jens Tregersen,
State Tretyakov Gallery (State Tretyakov Gallery), Moscow.
1998 - “110 Self-portraits. Artists of Primorsky Krai”, art-floor gallery (B.D.), Vladivostok, Russia
1999 – The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama, Japan 
1999 - "Cultural Hero of the XXI Century", Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2000 –International fair “Art-Moscow-2000”, Arka gallery stand /, Moscow, Russia
2000 – International Art Fair “Art-Forum-Berlin”,
Arka Gallery’s Stand, Berlin, Germany 
2001 –International fair “Art-Moscow-2001”, Arka gallery stand /, Moscow, Russia
2001 – International Art Fair “Art-Forum-Berlin”, Arka gallery stand, Berlin, Germany 
–International fair “Art-Moscow-2002”, Arka gallery stand /, Moscow, Russia
2002 – “Exhibition of Vladivostok Artists”, Kangwon-Do, Republic of Korea 
2003 –International fair “Art-Moscow-2003”, Arka gallery stand /, Moscow, Russia
2003 – Arka.Azbuka.Abstraction, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2003 –International fair “Art-Moscow-2004”, Arka gallery stand /, Moscow, Russia


2005 – “Procession from the East, “Portmay” gallery, Vladivostok, Russia 
2008 - Union of Artists, Primorsky Department -70”, dedicated to the anniversary of the Primorsky organization of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation Union of Artists, Artetage Contemporary Art gallery, Vladivostok, Russia
2009 - “Contemporary Russian Painting: Vladivostok Artists”, Museum of Modern Art
Busan / BuMA /, Republic of Korea.
2009 - “Sea Level”, / stand of the Art Floor Museum / Central Exhibition Hall Manege, St. Petersburg.
2010 - “Artists in the Kuril Islands”, hosted the Moscow Artists Union, Moscow.
2010 - “Artists of the Vladivostok Group”, Artetage Contemporary Art gallery, (DVGTU), Vladivostok.
2012 - International Fair ARCOmadrid2012, Arka gallery stand, Madrid, Spain.
2012- "10aCITY". D.E.V.E. Gallery, Brugge, Belgium.
2012 - KIAF2012 International Fair, ARKA Gallery Stand, Seoul, Republic
2013 - “From the collections of the Artetage Gallery”, Artetage Contemporary Art gallery, Vladivostok.
2014 - “Collection. Painting, graphics”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.

Solo exhibitions:
1987 – Primorski State Art Gallery, Vladivostok, Russia
1988 – Art gallery, Novosibirsk
1991 – “Christer Freiberg” Gallery, Wetland, Sweden
1992 - "Two artists from Russia" / together with V. Fedorov / Daigo, Japan.
1992 - "100 days in Japan" / in conjunction with V. Fedorov /, PSAG, Vladivostok.
1993 - The Beginning, Primorsky State Art Gallery (PSAG), Vladivostok
1994 – Nitsuji Garo gallery, Niigata, Japan
1995 – Contemporary Art Museum, Jersey City, USA
1999 – “500 mutations”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok, Russia
2004 – Otto Gallery, Munchen, Germany
2006 – “Metamorphoses of Space”, “Portmay” Gallery, Vladivostok
2011 - “1970s. Drawing”, ARKA Gallery, Vladivostok.

Museums and Collections:
Primorsky State Art Gallery (PSAG); Artetage Contemporary Art gallery; Arka gallery; Portmay Gallery - Vladivostok; Far Eastern Art Museum (Khabarovsk); Regional Art Museum of Chita; Novosibirsk Art Museum;
The Sakhalin Art Museum (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk); Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in Jersey City, USA; as well as in private and corporate collections in Russia and abroad.

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