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Vladimir Pogrebnyak



Vladimir Pogrebnyak

Born in 1956, Ukraine.
In 1975 he graduated from the Vladivostok Art College
In 1980 he graduated from the Far Eastern State Institute of Arts
Since 1978, he participated in a variety of city, zonal, republican and international exhibitions.
Since 1990, member of the Artists Union of Russia
Member of the association of artists called "Calm".

Personal exhibitions:
1997 - Artetage Contemporary Art Gallery, Vladivostok.
2004 - “Narrated Painting”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2006 - “Vernissage”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2007 - “I came to you with yellow paint”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2008 - “Love your neighbor”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2009 - “About It”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2010 - “Resettlement of bodies ...”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2011 - “Water Procedures”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2012 - “Maroussia, one, two, three ...”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2013 - “Come on, I'll lie down”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2014 - “Chain Reaction”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2016 - “Warm days”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2017 - "Bright Future", Artetage Contemporary Art Gallery, Vladivostok.


Selected group exhibitions:

1979 - Republican exhibition "By Homeland", Moscow.
1988 - Exhibition of the "Calm" group, Far Eastern Art Museum, Khabarovsk.
1988 - “The Art of Primorye in the 1920-1980s,” Primorsky State Art
 Gallery, Vladivostok.
1990 - Exhibition of the "Calm" group, Seaside State Art Gallery,
1993 - Exhibition of the "Calm" group, Artetage Contemporary Art Gallery, Vladivostok.
1994 - "Wind from the East", Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow.
1999 - "Contemporary Art of East Asian Countries", International Exhibition, Museum
 Contemporary Art Toyama, Japan.
2001 - “Artists of Primorye - to future generations”, Primorsky State
 Art Gallery, Vladivostok.
2002 - "NeoNeprimitivizm", a joint exhibition with R.V. Tushkin,
 Arka Gallery, Vladivostok.
2006 - "People", State Art Museum, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
2008 - “Islands”, Artetage Contemporary Art Gallery -DVGTU”, Vladivostok.
2008 - Project "12", Arka Gallery, Vladivostok
2008 - “Jokes of our city”,Artetage Contemporary Art Gallery -DVGTU, Vladivostok.
2009 - “Contemporary painting of Russia: Artists of Vladivostok”,
Museum of Modern Art, Busan, Republic of Korea.
2009 - “Project 12”, Far Eastern Art Museum, Khabarovsk.
2012 - Exhibition of Ten, Bruges, Belgium.
2013 - A project dedicated to the poet and artist David Burliuk.
 Artetage Contemporary Art Gallery-FEFU", Vladivostok.
2019 - “MAsterly Paintings”, Primorsky State Art Gallery, Vladivostok.

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