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Milana Pestereva





Milana Pestereva
(born 1997)

2016 – Graduated from the Primorsky Regional College of Art with a degree in
Fine Art, Vladivostok, Russia

Group exhibitions:
2016 – "Through the Looking Glass" International Festival of Visual Arts (
FEFU, Russky Island)
2017 – "Message from insects", Union of Artists of Russia, Vladivostok, Russia
2018 – Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art exhibition series ("Silence", "Together", "Game") Vladivostok, Russia
2019 – Noise fest, Fort Nazimov, Russky Island, Vladivostok, Russia
2020 – Fashion’s holy fool, Artetage gallery, Vladivostok, Russia

Personal exhibitions:
2020 – “Charaya", Arka Gallery,Vladivostok

Since January 2019, Milana has been a member of the DVR group (standing in Russian for Dalnevostochnyye razluchnitsy or “Far-Eastern Homewreckers”)

2020 – Recipient of the Innovation State Art-Prize
(As a member of punkromantic art group "DVR")



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