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Nikitina Elena

«Натюрморт», 2006, видео, c-print, Ярмарка «Арт-Москва», май 2006 г., стенд галереи «Арка»
«Натюрморт», 2006, видео, c-print, Ярмарка «Арт-Москва», май 2006 г., стенд галереи «Арка»
  Nikitina Elena. «Nue».

Arka Gallery, Vladivostok, 2002 year.


Nikitina Elena

Born in 1962 in Krasnoyarsky krai, Russia. In 1986 graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Foreign languages. In 1986-1988 studied at Victor Shliht’s artistic studio in Vladivostok, Russia. Lives and works in Vladivostok. Teaches French Roman languages faculty, Institute of Foreign languages, Far East State University, Vladivostok. Artist, the spectre of her artistic media varies from painting, graphic, video, art-object and installation.

Personal Exhibitions:

1999 - Artetazh Gallery, Vladivostok
2002 – Arka Gallery, “Nue”, Vladivostok
2005 – Arka Gallery, “Haus 12”, Vladivostok
2006 – Arka Gallery, Vladivostok
2008 – “94-th Km”, Arka Gallery, Vladivostok



Since 1991 – the participant of all young painters
exhibitions in Vladivostok, Russia

1991 – Regional exhibition of Far East painters, Khabarovsk, Russia
1992 – Graphic exhibition, art gallery Triada, Vladivostok
1995 – The 2-d regional exhibition of Far East young painters,
The territory of Hope, Vladivostok
1995 – “Primorye painters in Andreevka”, art gallery “Artetazh”, Vladivostok
1998 – “Self-portraits Primorye painters”, art gallery “Artetazh”, Vladivostok
1999 – Exhibition for Vladivostok anniversary, art gallery “Artetazh”, Vladivostok
1999 – The 4-th Exhibition in the East Sea Rim Regions,
Busan, Korea
2001 – Russian-Belgium joint project “ NIETS IS WAT HET LIJKT”,
art gallery “Artetazh”, Vladivostok
2002 – “ ART-X-TOYAMA in Uozu”, Toyama, Japan
2003 – The exhibition of 4 Vladivostok painters, Busan, Korea
2004 - Russian-Belgium joint project “Reality against truth”,
Artetazh- Far East State Technical University gallery, Vladivostok
2005 – “Artist and arms”, Center of contemporary art “Mars”, Moscow
2006 – “9000 kilometers”, Center of contemporary art, Vladivostok
2007 – “9000 kilometers, Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

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