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Olga Kisseleva


"The artist Olga Kisseleva's approach to her work is much the same as a scientist's. A discrepancy detected during a procedure or within the workings
of a structure oblige her to formulate a hypothesis, in order to explain the complication in question, and wherever possible, to propose a solution to the problem.  She then determines the skills necessary to pursue the relative study, and commissions the research.

The artist calls upon exact sciences, on genetic biology, geophysics, and also
on political and social sciences. She proceeds with her experiments, calculations and analyses, while strictly respecting the methods of the scientific domain in question.  Her artistic hypothesis is thus verified and approved by a strictly scientific method.

In each of Olga Kisseleva's projects, at each stage of its development, from the initial draft (when the context is taken into consideration), until the moment when the indications allowing the esthetic propositions to come to light are gathered together, a line is traced upon which the different elements convened are inscribed.


This way of addressing places and people allows the artist to take on an unusual position, a kind of involvement consisting of questioning, affronting or testing the elements constituting the reality of a situation in which she can borrow from numerous mediations, supports and modes of representation as diverse as the situations themselves.

Yet it still implies, for the viewer as well as the artist, a certain faithfulness to a watchword - vigilance - returning to a principle of responsibility, and implying the establishment of open relationships between the different elements brought into play by esthetic propositions."

excerpt from the catalogue “Windows”, Musée Marc Chagall, Nice, 2008



«Hidden», video, graphic works


Olga Kiseleva, Sylvain Raynal "It's Time",
interactive installation
Olga Kiseleva, Sylvain Raynal "Our Time",
interactive installation
CrossWorlds / You enlisted?, c-print 

Olga Kisseleva
Born in 1965 in Sankt-Petersburg.

Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques, direction Daniel Buren and Pontus Hulten, Paris, France

Ph.D. University of St Petersburg, Russia

MFA, The National Fine Arts Academy Vera Muchina, St Petersburg, Russia

Solo Shows:

sur mesure, RURART, Poitiers, France
Double Life, MNAC, Bucharest, Romania
Divers Faits, Jozsa Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Double Life, CCC Garage, Moscow, Russia

Moscow Time, CNEAI, Chatou, France
CrossWorlds, monumental installation in the Sancy National Parc, Auvergne, France
Your Self Portrait, Videospace, Budapest, Hungary
Princess Frog, carte blanche, Jozsa Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Moscow Time, Tri Postal, Lille, France

Seven Deadly Desires, The National Picasso Museum, Vallauris, France
Windows, The National Marc Chagal Museum, Nice, France
Douce France, Contemporary Art Centre Abbaye de Maubuisson, Saint-Ouen l’Aumone, France
Fitness Art Centre, Jozsa Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Going Public, Contemporary Art Centre La Pommerie, St Setiers, France
Ma double vie at SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: ARTISTES ET PRODUCTEURS AUJOURD'HUI, EHESS, Paris, France, curators Patricia Falguières, Elisabeth Lebovici, Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Natasa Petresin-Bachelez

Artist as part of the attacking multitude, The National Centre, Moscou, Russie, the 2nde Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
Conclusive Evidence, Dukan & Hourdequin gallery, Marseille, France, carte blanche by Alexandra Fau, and ARKA Gallery, Vladivostok, Russia, 2007
Moscow Time, Ile de France Centre of Photographiy, Pontault-Combault, France, curator Elena Sorokina

(r)evolutions (with Metazone television), Nuit Blanche, curators Nicolas Bourriaud & Jerôme Sans, Rue de Rivoli, Paris, France
LANDSTREAM workshop, San Jose Museum of Art - South Hall / Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA
ex-stream, curator Anne Roquigny - WJ-s project, National Museum of Contemporary Art , Bucharest, Romania
Invisible, CAPC, Bordeaux, France
Where Are You?, ViennAfair (ARKA gallery), Vienna, Austria
(r)evolutions, Contemporary Art Centre, Perm, Russia
LANDSTREAM, Bonnat Museum, Bayonne, France


DiVA Paris (ARKA gallery), Paris, France
Sortir le dragon de l’hibernation, performance with Kety Anjoure, The Junction, Cambridge, UK
Space-Time, Art-Moscow Art Fair (ARKA gallery), Moscow, Russia (23/05/05 - 28/05/05)
Copy and Past, Dmitry Semenov Gallery - National Centre for Contemporary Art, St Petersburg, Russia
border / no border, MACO, Mexico, Mexique (Elga Wimmer Gallery, NY)
doors, ARKA Gallery, Vladivostok, Russia
Imagemakers, The New Gallery, Calgary, Canada


The Seven Daidly Desires, Scuc Gallery, Ljubliana, Slovenia
Powerbike, artist-guest in “n.paradooxa” N14 “Dreams of the future” , London, Great Britain
The Seven Daidly Desires, artist-guest in “n.paradooxa” N14 “Dreams of the future”, London, Great Britain
doors, National Contemporary Art Centre, Moscow, Russia
doors, National Contemporary Art Centre, Nijni Novgorod, Russia
Instrument flying, Contemporary Art Center La Passerelle, Brest, France

(another) point of view, FIAC - VideoCube (Quang galery), Paris, France
So far so close..., City installation by the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, , curator Suzanne Pagé, Boulevard Jean Jaures, Paris, France
Contemporary Art Center La Chambre Blanche, with support of Quang galery (Paris), Quebec, Canada
a way to make portraits, CAPC Contemporary Art Museum, Bordeaux, France
So far, so close…, Contemporary Art Center Parc St Leger, Nevers, France
Next stop : Russia, (Le tour du monde du Web), Georges Pompidou Center, Paris, France
Your self-portraits, French Institut, Casablanca, Morocco

Connection, (Nuit Blanche ), Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris, France
***, Paris Project Room, Paris, France
Hybride space, The State Russian Museum of Arctic & Antarctic, St Petersburg, Russia
A clairvoyant told me I have a problem with my eyes : that I couldn’t see reality…, Dak’art, 10th Dakar Contemporary Art Biennale, Senegal
A wrong city, Mains d’œuvres, Paris, France and Saraï-Medialab, New Delhi, Inde

post web landscapes, KIASMA Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland
How are you?, French Institut, Helsinki, Finland
A wrong city, The State Russian Museum, St Petersbourg, Russia
Where are you ?, Contemporary Art Institut, Moscow, Russia

Virtual worlds in … real life, ArtProcess Gallery, Paris, France
A clairvoyant told me I have a problem with my eyes : that I couldn’t see reality…, disused butcher's shop, Excideuil en Périgord, France

Who are you?, Chai du Terral Gallery - FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier, France"
How are you in Paradiso ?, independant action, 48th Venice Biennial

How are you?
, Infozone, Paris, France

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