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Anton Bubnovsky




Anton Bubnovskiy has been born in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) at 1973 however his parents moved to Vladivostok (at the other side of the country) when he trend 5 years, so he has raised there. He has attended Far Eastern National Technical University from 1992, where studied primary physic and math and getting MA in 1997. Then starting his postgraduate researches in Russian Academy of Science where he has obtained PhD in 2002. After that he studied visual communication in University of Kansas (USA) during 2002/03 and work as photojournalist in local newspapers. After came back to Russia he has been occupying position of Associate prophesier with Far Eastern Federal University (Vladivostok), where teaches photography. He has started to show his personal experiments in photography at 2009.

«15 minutes of fame» - ARKA gallery, Vladivostok

Personal exhibitions:
2009 - «The mystery of the motion» - ARKA gallery, Vladivostok
2010 - "Mon Paris" - Alliance Francaise, Vladivostok
2011 - «Shallow analysis» - ARKA gallery, Vladivostok


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