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A Kerala born Boston based Harvard educated Architect/ Painter
has worked for Harvard University for three decades and
has had his Retrospective in 2009 at
The Whistler Museum of Art in Lowell Mass
and has shown his work internationally

The art of George Oommen is nostalgic in the best unsentimental sense. His paintings evoke a kind of sheer unearthly beauty. They are inspired by a place on the planet, however. One of the impulses behind them is to evoke an atmosphere that is at an opposite pole from the austere ambiance of Boston where he resides most of the time.


Already George Oommen has been a painter for several decades and he has explored many styles and attitudes. In a very real sense he is a complete artist: he is at a point where his work, though intensely retinal, has a wide range of meaning. Rooted in sensuousness, and realized in an everyday manner, Oommen's vision of Kerala, has given him a concentrated approach to art and enabled him to achieve a conspicuous spiritual dimension. A series was entitled "Sacred Places within You." And one can expect George Oommen to be preoccupied for some time exploring enchanted places.

William Zimmer, Contributing Art Critic to NY Times, New York City

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