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Chronos group

Галерея современного искусства "Арка"
Галерея современного искусства "Арка"

Chronos group - 4 artists at simultaneous point in time and space have joined together to embark upon an investigation of the consequential effects of evolution and future of global consumption of both material and perceptual matters.

The group’s projects:
Chronos 1: consists transformation of organic matter into waste as metaphor for philosophical questions of human existence. A proposal: Will there be legacy of human race? The imagery sets up a series of re-filmed imagery of symbolic scenarios of human consumption and over-production.

Chronos 2: A Projection of mediated violence interrupted by clips of white noise and random imagery obtained, (or gathered) from television channel surfing is projected onto line of people. Viewer experiences in this installation in 3 ways: as part of line of people being projected upon against wall, as witness to other gallery viewers entering and having imagery projected on them and finally, as part of documentation of entire exhibition which will be presented as CHronos 2b.

Proposal: Is there an over saturation of home streaming media creating less interest in reality of issues (that contain violence) because of 24-hour info accessibility?


Yet, ironically high interest of public in violent games and movies: possible diversion of attention to (insatiable) desire for celebrity or reality television receives audience attention that the former does not. Is there an attention limit created by 24 hour info ability that will only allow a limited amount to be retained? In other words, the more info we have access to, the higher is our demand, but BECAUSE WE HAVE SO MUCH CHOICE IT BECOMES a more and more limited and specific type of info is all we receive surely human brains will turn to mush.

If the univreesr is infinite does time exist?

The project Interval (Chronos 3) is a two channel video installation consisting of three sections. Each section demonstrates sped up or slowed down real time of three particular mechanisms of transporting of humans through space.

The art group considers that perception of the repetition of actions of any mechanisms is a definition of interval. Participation within a moving process, the human mind, upon perceiving intervals has opportunity to change the experience of time with great variation.
Thus, CHRONO is presenting an exploration of the idea of time as a subjective human construction which could be an alternative to the conventional conception of time.


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