Contemporary art gallery ARKA (Russia, Vladivostok) Contemporary art gallery ARKA (Russia, Vladivostok)  

Annouchka Brochet


Annushka is an artist regularly taking part at international art exhibitions, art fairs and biennales. The current series of Anna Brochet’s artwork is of little stories about women’s beauty, which is selling today as many other things. Painting on glass, red lips are going to be a symbol of the new cult, almost religion of beauty, like the crucifix in Christianity.


A thin layer of beauty, created by cosmetics, flowing down, then is washed off. It’s elusive, unstable, momentary beauty. Women feel delighted when they create an ideal appearance with the help of make-up, but also not lasting a long time. Perhaps, it’s a physical need to find oneself here and now. It’s the necessity of each woman to find happiness and harmony both on the outside and inside. However happiness, like beauty on glass, doesn’t last forever, it is transient.







Design: AWD Studio
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